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Music in iPlaySax

Postby Filip » Thu 18 Jun 2015, 10:13

The pieces available in iPlaySax are intended for saxophone players of different levels. Ranging from Easy to Adanced.
Because it's difficult to make an accurate guess about how difficult a piece is (because it also depends on the players abilities and musical interests) maybe it's best just to listen to the piece and get an idea.

Be sure to check (under the 'options' button in the piece) if there's a slow version.
I've included slow versions especially for the easier pieces.

Also don't forget that standard the pieces are set to alto saxophone, but in the 'options' you can change that to tenor saxophone, or a combination of both.
If you play the soprano saxophone you should also choose the tenor version, as both are Bb instruments.
For bariton players, use the alto version.


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