Welcome to the iPlaySax forum

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Welcome to the iPlaySax forum

Postby Filip » Thu 18 Jun 2015, 10:01

Hello and welcome to this forum especially made for users of the App "iPlaySax"!

If you've come across this forum in another way but are interested in the saxophone, then by all means stick around too!

I've made some categories which will hopefully direct you to the topic you're interested in.
There's a general category where you can discuss all things related to saxophone and music.
But I've also set up some categories related to the different features of iPlaySax. So that you can easily catch up on news, or ask any questions that you might have.
You can always read the posts on this forum, but if you want to write something yourself then you have to register first.
I hope you're enjoying iPlaySax. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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